Ralph LeVan et. al.

We're trying to get the OCLC implementation of SRU working with the latests Snapshot of DSpace and are encountering two issues.

1.)  a stack trace issue when browsing (ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception), it appears related to the number of terms returned

Some browse lists work, but when navigating to results none are shown.

I suspect something is miss-matched between my Lucene indices and the SRU configuration.

2.) When searching no results are ever returned even though I know there are records in dspace for them.

I've reindexed DSpace and am using the new 

search.index.1 = author:dc.contributor.*
search.index.2 = author:dc.creator.*
search.index.3 = title:dc.title.*
search.index.4 = keyword:dc.subject.*
search.index.5 = abstract:dc.description.abstract
search.index.6 = author:dc.description.statementofresponsibility
search.index.7 = series:dc.relation.ispartofseries
search.index.8 = abstract:dc.description.tableofcontents
search.index.9 = mime:dc.format.mimetype
search.index.10 = sponsor:dc.description.sponsorship
search.index.11 = identifier:dc.identifier.*
search.index.12 = language:dc.language.iso

This format has changed to include "dc." qualifier since what was in 1.3.2

search.index.1 = author:contributor.*
search.index.2 = author:creator.*
search.index.3 = title:title.*
search.index.4 = keyword:subject.*
search.index.5 = abstract:description.abstract
search.index.6 = author:description.statementofresponsibility
search.index.7 = series:relation.ispartofseries
search.index.8 = abstract:description.tableofcontents
search.index.9 = mime:format.mimetype
search.index.10 = sponsor:description.sponsorship
search.index.11 = id:identifier.*

Could this be effecting my SRW installation, or is there something more obvious.

thank you,

Mark R. Diggory
DSpace Systems Manager
MIT Libraries, Systems and Technology Services
Massachusetts Institute of Technology