The RAD/EAD crosswalk prepared by the Canadian Committee on Archival 
Description a few years go maps source of title - along with a number of 
other note elements - to <odd>, with an optional TYPE attribute.


Kate Bowers wrote:

> At 04:35 PM 8/16/2006 -0400, Marie-Claude Saulnier wrote:
>> I am new to the EAD format and I am trying to find the proper XML field
>> for the following information. We have a field in our database listed
>> as "source of title", which is a text field containing an explanation as
>> to where the title of an item came from... I would like to find a 
>> field in
>> a <c01> to <c12> (or a subelement such as did, physdesc, etc.) to put 
>> that
>> source of title in.
>> Do you have any suggestions?
> This is also a piece of data that we collect.  There is no designated 
> place for it.  Some of the probable contents, such as "Title supplied 
> by archivist" could reasonable be thought of as <processinfo>, but I 
> have generally put it in a generic <note> in the <did> rather than 
> trying to analyze each possibility and determine where it belongs.
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