The old EAD implementor page (a listing of institutions who has submitted information about their EAD programs/ projects) at the EAD Help Pages Site has been replaced with one more in tune with the recent website update. Its available here:

Each institution should now also have a separate page describing its implementation linking off of the main listing page, for example (chosen at random):

May I ask that, at your convenience, you review your page and ensure that it contains the correct information, and that is looks (more or less) like the example above? Please send any comments on your page to me off-list. Each page is generated from a very simple XML template file <> which, if you can fill-in with your updated information, would make my life much easier. Any HTML formatting that is valid within HTML's <p> is allowed in any of the major sections. <delivery>, <encoding> and <desc>.

Thank you,


Stephen Yearl
Systems Archivist
Yale University Library::Manuscripts and Archives