In the context of the project "Standards for cultural documentation and 
support technologies for the integration
of digital cultural repositories and systems interoperability: Studies, 
Prototypes and Best-practices guides",  
the Centre for Cultural Informatics of the Institute of Computer 
Science, FORTH has produced the
greek translation of the EAD Tag Library v2002.

Link to the greek translation:

The aim of the project, funded by the Operational Programme "Information 
of the Greek government (  ), was the 
creation of a best practice guide
for the development of cultural documentation systems for organizations 
dealing with the management,
documentation and promotion of cultural heritage, as well as the 
creation of conventions for interoperation,
integration, and preservation of digital cultural repositories.

Projects's Web Site:

We are currently using EAD to describe the historical archives of the 
Vikelaia Municipal Library of Heraklion, Crete

Maria Theodoridou