Yes.  According to the EAD Application Guidelines, "The <dao> suite of included in EAD for the specific purpose of creating links
to electronic representations of information resources from archival
collections." (p.211)  In other words, dao is used for electronic
representations of things that are part of the collection; any other
electronic files (for example, an excel spreadsheet that provides
information about the collection) would use the <extref> element.

If you have a copy of the EAD Application Guidelines, the use of <dao>
including examples is covered in section 7.3.6 ((pp 211-213).  The
application guidelines are also available here: (main page)  (section 7.3.6)


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I want to encode images that correspond to a given record. They're
usually scans of the original documents and thus not really subrecords
so I'm guessing the normal way is to use <dao> elements inside the
record's <c> element. Is this how it's usually done?