I'm sorry to ask on the eve of SAA, but I can't get to the session, and 
for lots of reasons I'm very interested to know your view of Archon 
alongside the Archivists' Toolkit, the two being apparently somewhat 
overlapping and free.

I'm sure this will come up, and I know you're busy!

Many thanks,

on 7/30/2006 3:05 PM Chris Prom said the following:
> The University of Illinois Archives is pleased to release a web
> application which we believe will be of much interest to the
> archival community.  We have dubbed the tool 'Archon', and a
> complete description of the software is avaialable through the
> project website:
> Archon is a web application for managing information about
> archives and manuscript collections.  It automatically publishes
> descriptive information and digital objects in a searchable and
> browseable website.  The output can be easily customized.
> It also as exports data using standard formats such as EAD and
> MARC21.  The present and future releases of Archon will be freely
> avaialable for non-commercial use.
> Archon will be demonstrated at the joint SAA, CoSA and NAGARA
> meeting on Friday afternoon at 2:30 pm (Session #403).  We will
> be providing CD copies of the install packet at the session.
> A download will also be available from the project website after
> the conference, and Scott Schwartz and I (project co-directors)
> are actively seeking partners to test the software and provide us
> suggestions for enhancements that might be incorporated into
> future releases.
> Chris
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