Hi Stephen,

I haven't had to do this much with EAD and XSL:FO, but instead with MODS 
and plain XSLT.

I agree that a <seg> element would work nicely.  I could even see room 
for introducing attributes on seg or emph like xml:lang and script like 
MODS uses.  This could allow a more granular distinguishment for a piece 
of text from the larger document-wide language and script settings 
coming from <langusage>, etc.  I could see real systems benefits and 
useful hooks stemming from this granularity.

That said, using <emph> doesn't seem egregious.  I certainly wouldn't 
bat an eye at doing so! :)  I'd still agree with you that a seg element 
would work well.


Stephen Yearl wrote:
> A question for those who have some experience with multi-language EAD 
> instances.
> When creating xsl:fo one has to explicitly set @language-family to a 
> font that will display the desired language. This is not a problem for 
> western/romance languages since FOP's default font set has glyphs for 
> these. It is a problem, say, for Arabic. There is a font I know of 
> that has glyphs for the entire Unicode character range (at least as of 
> version 2), that comes pre-installed on the most recent Windows 
> releases, Arial Unicode MS. It is, however, particularly ugly and I'd 
> like apply fonts for 'exotic' languages at a much finer level.
> I'm thinking that
> <p>This is in English but this <emph render="altrender" 
> altrender="set_font:Iqraa">المرسل إليه</emph> is not, and neither is 
> this<emph render="altrender" altrender="set_font: Pigiarniq">ᓴᓕᑦᑐᑐᖅ 
> </emph> .</p>
> is 'acceptable-ish' but might abuse <emph> somewhat; this is not for 
> linguistic effect. And it doesn't capture the essence of what I'm 
> trying to achieve or tell one anything meaningful about the language.
> How have others dealt with this given the lack of a generic text 
> segmentation element?
> (I guess that this is an informal call for something like the TEI's 
> <seg> in EAD v.3).
> Thanks,
> St.
> Stephen Yearl
> Systems Archivist
> Yale University Library::Manuscripts and Archives