Here is the link to the German translation:
This is part of the website which includes also other translations and two EAD finding aids with links to the record groups(30.000 images in METS). The project was just finished and was realized with a grant from Mellon.
Congratulations for the new design of the Help Pages!
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Thanks to those who have provided feedback and additions thus far-- long may they keep coming! Another section including authorities and controlled vocabularies has been added, although obviously this is not-- and probably can never be-- complete. There have been a couple of additions too, most notably two proof of concept stylesheets from Michael Fox, and Chris Prom's Archon announcement.

I heard also that the Guidelines have been translated in Italian. Does anyone have a link to this?

Feel free to contact Leslie, Mike or myself with _any_ additions, deletions, gripes that you may have.

Enjoy DC!


On 7/28/06, Leslie Czechowski <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
A long-term project of the EAD Roundtable comes to fruition today with
the launch of our redesigned EAD Help Pages
( This is the first step in
making the Help Pages more dynamic and responsive to the needs of the
EAD community. Those people who will be attending the joint meeting in
D.C. next week will have the opportunity to discuss the new version and
give input about the future of the site at the EAD Roundtable meeting,
Thursday, Aug. 3, 4:30pm.

Many thanks to Stephen Yearl, EAD webmaster, and Michael Rush, EAD
Roundtable Vice-Chair, for their work on the Help Pages this year.

/ Leslie

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