Online Learning: SCCTP Integrating Resources Cataloging Workshop

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The Professional Development Institute of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
School of Information Studies is hosting a Web-based online learning offering
of the SCCTP Integrating Resources Cataloging Workshop.

Dates:  October 2-27, 2006 (four weeks)
Web-Based Online Learning Offering
Limited to 30 participants

Technology requirements:
Online learning requirements:

Fee: $250; Student Fee: $125

Includes online registration or printable form for mail or fax registration

Registration deadline: September 25, 2006

Description: This workshop is designed for practicing catalogers from all types
of libraries who have a working knowledge of the MARC21 bibliographic format
and AACR2.  The course is based on the revised chapters 9 and 12 of AACR2 and
covers all integrating resources, with an emphasis on remote access electronic
integrating resources. The workshop covers the new rules that have been added
to these chapters and will provide timely guidance to catalogers who may be
responsible for cataloging them. The workshop also covers the recent
implementation of Bibliographic Level code “i” in OCLC.  The sessions include
an introduction to integrating resources and their identification, instructions
for originally cataloging updating Web sites and databases, making changes to
existing records, and case studies covering more difficult aspects of
cataloging electronic integrating resources.

SCCTP:  This workshop is part of the Library of Congress’ Serials Cataloging
Cooperative Training Program (SCCTP), which provides standardized training
materials and trained trainers in the field of continuing resources. For
further information, see:

Instructor:  Steven J. Miller, Cataloger/Metadata Librarian, University of
Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries, and Senior Lecturer, UWM School of Information

Online Learning: How It Works: Sometime within the week prior to the start of
the course, each participant will receive an ID and password for logging into
the workshop Web site, which includes areas for the course content posted as
PDF documents, online discussion forums, and a dropbox for uploading exercises.
 The workshop will be interactive, and participants will move through the
material together as a group, completing exercises by the same deadlines, and
engaging in online discussion.  Opportunities for working on exercises in small
groups will be provided.  See the link to “Online learning requirements” above
for further information.

Workshop Host: The workshop is being hosted by the University of
Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) School of Information Studies Professional
Development Institute.  Registration is handled by the UWM School of Continuing
Education. Registration can be done online, by phone, fax, or in-person. For
registration information, see