Sorry, Carolyn, I was out on Friday and forgot to send this before.
Arizona State University Libraries continues to use the BIBCO core record as the standard for original cataloging of print monographs.  ASU catalogers regularly upgrade vendor and minimal level records to core, and catalog Arizona documents at full level.   ASU's participation in this program continues to receive full support from Libraries' Administration.  Submitted by Rebecca Uhl

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Subject: [BIBCO] FY2006 Annual report--narrative

Dear BIBCO colleagues,
It's time to begin putting together the FY2006 BIBCO annual report. We'd like to
receive a report from each BIBCO member by Friday Sept. 15th.  Narratives often include staff news, new types of BIBCO contributions, factors affecting FY2006 activities, and prospects for next year.
Want to review your report from FY2005?  Here's the link:
Please email your report directly to me. Thanks in advance for your time and help.
Carolyn Sturtevant
BIBCO Coordinator
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