Hers is BYU’s BIBCO narrative for your Annual Report:


BYU made no change to its number of participating catalogers.  We contributed total of 1967 BIBCO records for our 2005-2006 academic year (1905 full; 62 core).  We watch with great interest the PCC and its attempt to respond to LC’s decision to discontinue series authority work.





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Subject: [BIBCO] Have I missed any BIBCO narratives?


BIBCO colleagues,  Have I received your institution's BIBCO narrative for our Annual Report?

If not, please send via email as part of the message or as a Word document.  Some other attachments don't reach me.


It gives me great pleasure to say that about two-thirds of the BIBCO annual narratives have reached my email so far.  I'm pulling together a summary due for the annual reports this week, so this is my chance to invite the remaining narratives. 


I've been searching my email box, and if you don't see your institution named below, then I haven't yet found your report.  I have found these reports (names are abbreviated for my convenience):


Arizona State U

Center for Research Libraries

Columbia U

Cornell U

Duke U

Eastman Sch of Music

Harvard U

Indiana U

Joint Forces Staff C



Northwestern U


Ohio State U

Oklahoma State U

Princeton U

Queens Borough PL

Saint Louis U Law


SUNY Buffalo

Texas A&M

Tulane U



U of Chicago

U of Colorado, Boulder

U of Dayton

U of Florida

U of Pennsylvania

Vanderbilt U

Yale U


If your BIBCO contact has already sent a narrative, please forgive the absence of your institution from the list.  With a clue on the date you sent it, I may find it among my files.  Or, maybe you'd resend it again.  Thanks.  Carolyn


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BIBCO Coordinator
Library of Congress
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