Hi Håvard

There was much discussion during the MA meeting with regard to this; I did
not attend this meeting.  However, during the meeting of the WG when I
raised this again many members agreed with the view I expressed that the
data had become so contentious that perhaps it should be taken out in future
editions.  My committee at BSI had produced an A4 statement re-iterating the
concerns as expressed by the JAC and also including the fact that English is
not an official language in England; as well as one or two other facts and
figures not least that the UN had been looking at this for years and felt it
was a political mine field.

When I asked for a timescale for the next update I was told 5 years.  I felt
this was unacceptable as it would mean (by the time it had gone through the
ISO process) that the data would not be deleted for at least another 8
years.  I asked if it would make more sense to go to FDIS-2 but there was
some opposition as technically the document had passed the vote and was due
for publication as IS according to ISO rules.  I suggested a NWIP and this
was accepted. Members from DIN wished to be involved as there are minor
changes that they would like to see made to the standard; we have already
had some dialog in this regard.  The timescale was thus reduced from 8 years
to 3 years for the deletion of the data.  The result was the resolution
posted earlier.

I also pointed out, during the meeting, that the data should have been
deleted at DIS stage as 6 out of the 9 countries that commented on the DIS
had asked for it to be removed.  I had received this information from
Michael Everson (who in turn had received it from Rebecca) and I think this
was the turning point for some members. Letters from the JAC and Members
voting against the FDIS were more than extremely useful.  I think it was a
united effort. 

If anyone would like to be involved in this NWIP I would be pleased to hear
from you. 

Best regards



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It would be interesting to know what made the committee change its mind.
Earlier feed-back to our input and other input to the same effect seemed to
be quite insistant on keeping the information.

If it is your power of persuasion that did the trick, Debbie: excellent and

Best regards,

Håvard Hjulstad
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The following is an extract from the minutes of the recent meeting of
TC46/WG2 in Geneva:


The WG resolved that:

Debbie Garside (BSI) and Werner Stephan (DIN) should prepare a New Work Item
Proposal to make "minor revisions and amendments" to ISO 3166-1 that would
include the deletion of the "official languages" data. 


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