Dear METS List

I know there was a short discussion about behaviors on the list a few 
weeks ago but I would like to ask if anyone is using the behaviors 
section and if so how. At the National Library of Wales we're looking at 
its use within a digital archive based on Fedora (VTLS's Vital) and we 
have been wondering about how to link the behaviors in the behaviors 
section to the object.

Here is how we're thinking about doing it at the moment. Any comments 
would be very useful.

<METS:structMap ID="structMap1">
    <METS:div ID="GSFdiv1" ORDER="1" DMDID="dmdSec1 dmdSec2 dmdSec3 
sourceMD1 sourceMD2 rightsMD1 rightsMD2" LABEL="Siân Phillips" 
<METS:fptr ID="fptr1" FILEID="fileID1"/>
<METS:fptr ID="fptr2" FILEID="fileID2"/>
<METS:fptr ID="fptr3" FILEID="fileID3"/>
<METS:fptr ID="fptr4" FILEID="fileID4"/>
<METS:fptr ID="fptr5" FILEID="fileID5"/>

    <!--  New Stuff by GMR. The things we need for a behaviour/mechanism 
    Behaviour ID: demo:1
    Label: "This is a binding between ....."
    Mechanism ID: demo:2

Also the behaviour needs a number of parameters:
    VERYHIGHRES_IMG=Datastream ID, Binding Label
    MEDRES_IMG=Datastream ID, Binding Label
    THUMBRES_IMG=Datastream ID, Binding Label
    HIGHRES_IMG=Datastream ID, Binding Label -->

    <METS:structMap ID="structMap2" LABEL="Structural Map for Behaviour 
Sec" TYPE="fedora:dsBindingMap">

    <METS:div ID="GSF_demo2" TYPE="demo:2">

    <METS:div TYPE="VERYHIGHRES_IMG" LABEL="This is the image in the 
tape archive but we shouldn't use this version">
<METS:fptr FILEID="fileID1"/>

    <METS:div TYPE="MEDRES_IMG" LABEL="For now we are only going to use 
the refereance version for high res and mid res">
<METS:fptr FILEID="fileID2"/>

<METS:fptr FILEID="fileID3"/>

    <METS:div TYPE="HIGHRES_IMG" LABEL="For now we are only going to use 
the refereance version for high res and mid res">
<METS:fptr FILEID="fileID2"/>

    <!--  behavior linked to fptr in div.
    behavior will live in child METS documents
    behavior in parent record as well for viewer for object
    AMD needed for the behaviors  -->


    <METS:behavior ID="behavior1" STRUCTID="structMap2" BTYPE="demo:1" 
LABEL="Anything" CREATED="2006-07-07T15:00:00">
<METS:mechanism ID="mechanism1" LABEL="This uses the program 
org.llgc.showtiff" LOCTYPE="DOI" xlink:type="simple" xlink:href="demo:2"/>



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