Hi All

I just joined this list, so I guess I should introduce myself. I am the
lead software programmer for the Fez Fedora instititional repository
software. I am trying to implement MODS in the next Fez / Fedora content
model release, probably as the core/default metadata in FOXML (basically

It has gone pretty well, but I have gotten stuck on trying to map the
MODS XSD to a conference paper model. I can't figure out where to put
'conference location'. In MARCXML it belongs in 710 subfield "c". MODS
doen't appear to support this from the online documentation or XSL, and
the examples
appear to put the conference location inside the title of the conference
as a 'subPartName' of the conference paper title. 

I would really like to keep the conference location (and perhaps
conference dates etc) atomic (in their own element or attribute) and not
in with the conference name. What would be the best way to do this in
MODS? I assume somewhere in relatedItem?

Is there any roadmap for future versions of MODS eg 3.3?

Thanks for your help,

Christiaan Kortekaas 
Senior Library Systems Programmer 
Library Technology Service 
The University of Queensland, Australia
Telephone : (+617) 3365 6058