The reason this would happen is that MODS doesn't exactly have the same
notion of "main entry" as MARC does (which came from cataloging rules).
MODS tries to be cataloging rule independent and puts all names of
creators/contributors in <name>; that way you aren't forced to choose a
"main entry". You can designate the specific roles using <role> with
<name> to disambiguate their contributions. If you look at the MODS to
MARC mapping it says that if the <name> has a role of "creator" or "cre"
then it goes to 100, but if not it goes to 700. Then if the title is
type=uniform and there is a name with role=creator or cre, then it goes to
240. If not, it goes to 130.

I'd have to see your source record, i.e. the MODS, to explain, but I
suspect that you did not have a role=creator with name.

This poses a bit of a dilemma in going back and forth between MODS and
MARC when you want to be cataloging rule independent but you don't want to
lose data. It's one reason why MODS and MARC aren't totally


On Tue, 24 Oct 2006, Jackie Shieh wrote:
> I have just begun working on some conversion
> from MODS to MARC21.  I have some questions for
> the list if I may:
> 1) the mapping of uniform title (130/240):
>    I used MODS2MARC21slim.xsl* to convert MODS to
>    MARCXML/slim.  Somehow, the personal name got
>    translated into 700, thus, the uniform title
>    got mapped to 130 instead of 240.
>    How does one need to do in the xsl in order to
>    prevent that from happening