Karen Coyle wrote:

> As for defining "extent" as "extentType" in the physical description
> area, note that extentType is very specifically about page numbers and
> ranges, not extents in general. It has elements:
>   start
>   end
>   total
>   list
> and the examples are all about page numbers. So extentType really is
> pageExtentType, and perhaps a more general extentType is needed (not
> that I'm saying they have to have those names, I mean that conceptually).

Thanks for clarifying this. Now I think that <extent> under
<physicalDescription> just lacks a "unit" attribute. This can be mapped
to MARC 21 field 300, subfield f (Type of unit).

Where can you note such requests and comments? Something like a public
wiki would be helpful. For instance I have an issue of a journal with
number "5-6" - I'd like to add the note that the <number> element under
part/detail does not have to include a numeric value. It's not very
productive if such questions and comments are kept private or raised on
the mailing list and forgotten afterwards, isn't it?


P.S: For METS there is a wiki, but I have not found the recent changes