The following is from the FAQ for Personal Names found on the NACO Web page at http://www.loc.gov/catdir/pcc/naco/personnamefaq.html
What about name headings that have dates with "d. 1825" or "b. 1910" and either birth or death dates are found? Aren't these technically inaccurate and shouldn't they be changed?
No. The presence of a "b." (born) or "d." (died) added to a name heading per the option in AACR2 22.17 accurately represent the information available at the time the NAR was created. LCRI 22.17 was changed to allow the addition of death dates to headings with "open birth dates" because this convention caused many catalog users to mistakenly assume that libraries did not have that information available, and in fact gave the appearance of a heading that had incorrect information.
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If a personal name heading has only a death date, but a cataloger knows the birth date, may the heading be modified to include both dates?


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