We've just been discussing a similar question, so thank you Youn for bringing this up!

We decided to use PREMIS to record metadata in a digital preservation project with state archives in Switzerland. I should point out that this is really a very basic, pilot project, and that we are not using METS, which may be the cause of some of the problems we encountered. Namely, we are archiving data from a database-driven application. We plan to combine several plain-text data files, information about the data model, and other files into a zip-file. So we have a representation (the AIP in the current form) consisting of one file (the zip-file) which itself consists a couple of other files - there clearly is a hierarchy of files that is difficult to model in PREMIS. Example 3 in the PREMIS Data Dictionary (p. 3-34 sqq.) gives a hint of how to achieve this, namely through the use of the "relationship" semantic unit. However, this looks more like a workaround to me, as I understand a file cannot contain other files. Is this understanding correct? Or am I missing the actual point here?

Thanks for any kind of clarification.


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> For repositories that aren't using METS, I'm wondering if it 
> might not be a good idea to make it possible to represent 
> structural relationships in PREMIS hierarchically by revising 
> the schema for the object entity so that relationship can be 
> a child of relationship.
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