I don't know if one exists.  I have the DTD, and you could derive a list of
tags and characteristics from it.

When you mentioned it in class yesterday, I thought about the directory
project -- rather than developing one of our own, we should look into using
the EAG, which I had completely forgotten about.

I just pulled the JAO article about it: it provides some high-level
guidance about the intent and structure. It's written about the Alpha v.2
iteration.  I suppose there's a newer one...

Subject:    EAG tag library

I am interested in finding a tag library for the Encoded Archival Guide
(EAG) out of Spain.  Surprisingly, I found an English-language DTD, but no
tag library. Any ideas on how to get one, if such a thing exists?

Russell D. James, M.A.

MLIS student

Louisiana State University

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