> To make the TOC sidebar separate is possible -- you'd do it using
> frames.  If the toc sidebar and the body of the inventory are in
> separate frames, scrolling in one frame does not affect the other frame.
>  I haven't done this but I'm sure there's some helpful soul on the list
> who has :)

Yes, you can do it using frames - the following is an example from the
Archives Hub (UK):

However for wider accessibility (e.g. access for people using screen-
readers etc.) it's better to include the ToC in the same HTML, and use
CSS for the layout. An example from the W3C:

The only down side is that you're at the mercy of different web-
browsers' support for CSS.

I've used this approach while developing a newer version of the software
that supports the Archives Hub and it seems to work really nicely in
Firefox, not so great in Microsoft IE6 (maybe better with IE7 - I
haven't tried yet):


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