Yes, METS is in fact best understood as a "digital object" standard 
which can be used in combination with EAD. A simple application of
EAD and METS would be to point from dao elements in an EAD file to
METS files which would contain fuller metadata about the digitized
surrogate of the relevant archival components.

In a METS file's sourceMD section, one could also wrap (utilizing
the new EAD W3C schema) or point to an EAD file or element for
metadata about the physical source(s) of a digital object.

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Quoting Michele Rothenberger <[log in to unmask]>:

> Can someone give me a brief explanation of the relationship (if
> any)
> between EAD and another of LOC's standards, METS?  It appears to
> me that
> METS is intended only for digital objects; is it then
> complementary to
> EAD, and/or is there some overlap with EADs dao, daogrp etc
> elements?
> Thanks
> Michele
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