The statement regarding links in the EAD Cookbook was only intended to refer to links between a table of contents and the text of a finding aid and not to links within same where it does seem to make sense to me to embed the linking elements and required ID attributes explicitly in the document.
Version 1 of the Cookbook relied on explicit ID attributes to generate links from the table of contents.  The second edition uses the XSLT generate-id function which is a more reliable method.   It works even if the ID attributes for the relevant elements were omitted or inserted incorrectly.  Other links are less predictable and would be best encoded as both the writers seem to agree.
Michael Fox 


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Hi John --

It is true that setting ID attributes is not necessary in order for the
style sheets to automatically create the table of contents, as the
paragraph you quote says. 

However, if you're using ref or extref elements for any other kinds of
links that you put in the finding aid yourself (such as "see" or "see
also" references), relying on IDs generated by the style sheet is risky
since the generated IDs are not fixed and can change if material is
added or removed (not to mention the fact that you don't know the ID
until after you've applied the style sheet!)

At the moment we're only entering occasional IDs as we need them for
ref and extref targets, and we are adding them manually to the source
XML so they are permanently fixed.


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I'd like to know if people are still entering values for ID attributes
locations in finding aids other than the Container List or if most of
ID attribute values are now being generated by stylesheets.  Based on
statement in the EAD Cookbook, section 5.3.2 (Table of Contents), it
appear that it is no longer necessary to enter ID attributes anywhere
locations that require customization.

"It is not necessary, as it was with the first edition, to add
@id attributes to these elements to produce the hyperlinks."

 Have I interpreted this correctly?

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