I would be interested in this information as well.  Thanks!


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Hi Justin

I had the opportunity to go through my important emails

I am very much interested in you XForm would you please

Send me form/program and the software.




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I have developed a form based on the XForm concept using the EAD standard.  The form enables my staff (primarily student workers) to create EAD finding aids without ever seeing the XML markup.  They do the majority of the inputting, save the file, and then inform me via a brief report.  I then open the file in my XML editor, view the full markup, perform a little clean up, transform the XML into html, and post it on my website.  My work generally takes no more than 10 – 30 minutes. 


Has anyone else created anything along these lines? 


If anyone is interested, I’m willing to share the form / program.  The form I created and the software needed to run it is all free.  In its current iteration, the form isn’t real pretty, but it works. 


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