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TA151.Z49   ELAM        1103282     Handbook of environmental civil
engineering Van Nostrand Reinhold,  Zilly, Robert G.  1975

TA159.L56 1982    ELAM        8528804     Engineer in training review
manual a complete review and reference for the E-I-T examination /
Professional Publications,    Lindeburg, Michael R.   1982

TA340.B43   ELAM        210847      Random data; analysis and
measurement procedures  Wiley-Interscience      Bendat, Julius S. 1971

TA340.H4    ELAM        561847      Statistical models in engineering
Wiley Hahn, Gerald J.; Shapiro, Samuel S. 1967

TA340.N4 1976     ELAM        1735497     Basic statistical methods for
engineers and scientists      IEP,  Kennedy, John B.  1976

TA365.D83   ELAM        144013      Noise abatement   Butterworths,
Duerden, C. 1970

TA401.A7 no.635   ELAM        5103573     Bacterial indicators/health
hazards associated with water : a symposium ; Chicago, Ill., 28-29 June
1976 /      ASTM, Hoadley, Alfred Warner; Dutka, B. J.      1977

TA455.A63W57 1999 ELAM        46771710    Coal Combustion Products
Utilization Handbook    Wisconsin Electric Power Company,   Ramme, Bruce
W.    1999

TA455.A6R34 1985  ELAM        16994852    Recommended contract
specifications for asbestos abatement projects  s.n.}       1985

TA5.A43 1995      ELAM        33377052    Public works and the human
environment : proceedings of the International Symposium of the American
Public Works Association : April 19-21, 1995, Seattle, Washington /
American Public Works Association,        1995

TA7.W34 CR D-73-1 ELAM        10802778    Feasibility study of
hydrocyclone systems for dredge operations      Waterways Experiment
Station,    Tiederman, W. G.; Reischman, M. M.  1973

TA703.5.G45 1990  ELAM        21972392    Geophysical applications for
geotechnical investigations   ASTM,       1990

TA710.G4 1984     ELAM        11191624    Geotextiles and geomembranes
definitions, properties and design : selected papers, revisions and
comments    Industrial Fabrics Association International,   Giroud,
Jean-Pierre.      1984

TA710.M577  ELAM        1602354     Fundamentals of soil behavior Wiley,
Mitchell, James Kenneth 1976

TC145.L55 1979    ELAM        3771034     Water-resources engineering
McGraw-Hill,      Linsley, Ray K.   1979

TC160.K5 1976     ELAM        2417803     Handbook of hydraulics for the
solution of hydraulic engineering problems.     McGraw-Hill,
Brater, Ernest Fredrick 1976

TC177.P96 1983    ELAM        23667602    Prototype designs for surveys
and measurement in an aquatic environment, 1983 = Prototypes d'appareils
pour les etudes et mesures en milieu aquatique, 1983 /      Hydraulics
Division, National Water Research Institute,          1985

TC177.P96 1985    ELAM        20610777    Prototype designs for surveys
and measurement in an aquatic environment, 1985 Prototypes d'appareils
pour les etudes et mesures en milieu aquatique, 1985 /      Inland
Waters/Lands Directorate, National Water Research Institute, Canada
Centre for Inland Waters,           1987

TC177.U5 Bk. 3 Ch. A9 1989    ELAM  2 copies    20285101    Measurement
of time of travel in streams by dye tracing     U.S. G.P.O. ;
Kilpatrick, F. A. 1989

TC177.U57   ELAM        4185358     Guidelines for collection and field
analysis of ground-water samples for selected unstable constituents
U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Geological Survey : U.S. Govt. Print. Off.,
Wood, Warren W.   1976

TC177.U57 Bk 3 Ch B5    ELAM  c. 1  16285650    Definition of boundary
and initial conditions in the analysis of saturated ground-water flow
systems : an introduction /   Dept. of the Interior, U.S. Geological
Survey ;    Franke, O. Lehn.  1987

TC177.U57 Bk. 2 Ch. D1  ELAM        4185590     Application of surface
geophysics to ground-water investigations U.S. Dept. of the Interior,
Geological Survey : U.S. Govt. Print. Off.,     Zohdy, Adel A. R. 1974

TC177.U57 Bk. 2 Ch. D2 1988   ELAM  2 copies    19794654    Application
of seismic-refraction techniques to hydrologic studies      Dept. of the
Interior, U.S. Geological Survey ;  Haeni, F. P.      1988

TC177.U57 Bk. 2 Ch. E1  ELAM  2 copies    5899808     Application of
borehole geophysics to water-resources investigations U.S. G.P.O.,
Keys, W. Scott.   1971

TC177.U57 Bk. 2 Ch. E2  ELAM  2 copies    23378075    Borehole
geophysics applied to ground-water investigations     U.S. Dept. of the
Interior, U.S. Geological Survey ;  Keys, W. S. 1990

TC177.U57 Bk. 2 Ch. F1  ELAM  2 copies    19728909    Application of
drilling, coring, and sampling techniques to test holes and wells Dept.
of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey ; Shuter, Eugene.   1989

TC177.U57 Bk. 3 Ch. A14 ELAM        10234392    Use of flumes in
measuring discharge     U.S. G.P.O.,      Kilpatrick, F. A. 1983

TC177.U57 Bk. 3 Ch. A18 1989  ELAM  2 copies    20042883
Determination of stream reaeration coefficients by use of tracers Dept.
of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey ;       1989

TC177.U57 Bk. 3 Ch. A19 1990  ELAM  c. 1  20492290    Levels at
streamflow gaging stations    Dept. of the Interior, U.S. Geological
Survey ;    Kennedy, E. J.    1990

TC177.U57 Bk. 3 Ch. A2  ELAM        3617331     Measurement of peak
discharge by the slope-area method  U.S. G.P.O. : For sale by the Supt.
of Docs., U.S. G.P.O.,  Dalrymple, Tate   1967

TC177.U57 Bk. 3 Ch. A21 1995  ELAM        32936450    Stream-gaging
cableways   U.S. G.P.O. ;     Wagner, C. Russell.     1995

TC177.U57 Bk. 3 Ch. A6  ELAM        5398409     General procedure for
gaging streams    U.S. G.P.O. : For sale by the Superintendent of
Documents,  Carter, R. W.     1968

TC177.U57 Bk. 3 Ch. B2  ELAM        3437121     Introduction to
ground-water hydraulics : a programmed text for self-instruction /
U.S. Govt. Print. Off., Bennett, Gordon D.      1976

TC177.U57 Bk. 3 Ch. B3  ELAM        8400274     Type curves for selected
problems of flow to wells in confined aquifers  U.S. Dept. of the
Interior, Geological Survey ; Reed, J. E. 1980

TC177.U57 Bk. 3 Ch. B4 1990   ELAM  c. 1  22102678    Regression
modeling of ground-water flow U.S. Geological Survey ;      Cooley,
Richard L.  1990

TC177.U57 Bk. 3 Ch. B4 Sup. 1 1+    ELAM  %     27789279    Regression
modeling of ground-water flow modifications to the computer code for
nonlinear regression solution of steady-state ground-water flow problems
supplement 1 :    U.S. G.P.O. ;     Cooley, Richard L.      1993

TC177.U57 Bk. 3, Ch. C2 ELAM        43607143    Field methods for
measurement of fluvial sediment     U.S. Geological Survey :
Edwards, Thomas K.      1999

TC177.U57 Bk. 4 Ch. A2  ELAM        5904344     Frequency curves  U.S.
G.P.O.,     Riggs, H. C.      1968

TC177.U57 Bk. 5 Ch. A3  ELAM  2 copies    10708779    Methods for the
determination of organic substances in water and fluvial sediments.
U.S. Geological Survey, Wershaw, R.L.; Fishman, M.J.; Grabbe, R.R.;
Lowe, L.E.  1983

TC177.U57 Bk. 5 Ch. A4 1989   ELAM  2 copies    14011543    Methods for
collection and analysis of aquatic biological and microbiological
samples     U.S. Govt. Print. Off., Greeson, P. E.; Ehlke, T. A.  1977

TC177.U57 Bk. 5 Ch. A6  ELAM        8051251     Quality assurance
practices for the chemical and biological analyses of water and fluvial
sediments   U.S. Dept. of Interior, Geological Survey ;     Friedman,
Linda C.    1982

TC177.U57 Bk. 5 Ch. C1 1969   ELAM        5904460     Laboratory theory
and methods for sediment analysis   U.S. G.P.O. : For sale by
Superintendent of Documents,  Guy, Harold P.    1969

TC177.U57 Bk. 5, Ch. A1 1989  ELAD  2 copies    20845452    Methods for
determination of inorganic substances in water and fluvial sediments
U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Geological Survey ;       1989

TC177.U57 Bk. 6 Ch. 4   ELAM  %     27152294    Modular finite-element
model (MODFE) for areal and axisymmetric ground-water flow problems
derivation of finite-element equations and comparisons with analytical
solutions / U.S. G.P.O.,      Cooley, Richard L.      1992

TC177.U57 Bk. 6 Ch. A1  ELAM  2 copies    18375546    Modular
three-dimensional finite-difference ground-water flow model U.S.
Geological Survey ;     McDonald, Michael G.    1988

TC177.U57 Bk. 6 Ch. A6 1996   ELAM        35444759    Coupled
surface-water and ground-water flow model (MODBRANCH) for simulation of
stream-aquifer interaction    U.S. G.P.O. ;     Swain, Eric D.    1996

TC177.U57 Bk. 6, Ch. A2 1991  ELAM        24381162    Documentation of a
computer program to simulate aquifer-system compaction using the modular
finite-difference ground-water flow model U.S. G.P.O. ;     Leake, S. A.

TC177.U57 Bk. 7 Ch. 2   ELAM  c. 2  4865051     Computer model of
two-dimensional solute transport and dispersion in ground water   U.S.
Govt. Print. Off.,      Konikow, Leonard F.     1978

TC177.U57 Bk. 7 Ch. C1  ELAM  2 copies    2091599     Finite-difference
model for aquifer simulation in two dimensions with results of numerical
experiments U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Geological Survey,  Trescott,
Peter C.    1976

TC177.U57 Bk. 7 Ch. C3  ELAM  c. 2  8374252     Model for simulation of
flow in singular and interconnected channels    U.S. G.P.O.,
Schaffranek, R. W.      1981

TC177.U57 Bk. 8 Ch. A1  ELAM  2 copies    5904203     Methods of
measuring water levels in deep wells      U.S. G.P.O., For sale by the
Supt. of Docs.,   Garber, M. S.     1968

TC177.U57 Bk. 8 Ch. A2  ELAM        9523848     Installation and service
manual for the U.S. Geological Survey manometers      U.S. Dept. of the
Interior, Geological Survey ; Craig, James D.   1983

TC177.U57 Bk.3 Ch. A12  ELAM  2 copies    14941027    Fluorometric
procedures for dye tracing    Dept. of the Interior, U.S. Geological
Survey ;    Wilson, James F.  1986

TC177.U57 Bk.3 Ch. B1   ELAM  2 copies    5899564     Aquifer-test
design, observation and data analysis     U.S. Govt. Print. Off. : For
sale by the Superintendent of Documents,  Stallman, Robert W.     1971

TC177.U57 Bk.3 Ch.A16   ELAM  c. 1  13811157    Measurement of discharge
using tracers     Dept. of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey ;
Kilpatrick, F. A. 1985

TC177.U57 Bk.3 Ch.A20 1993    ELAM        27133687    Simulation of
soluble waste transport and buildup in surface waters using tracers
U.S. Geological Survey ;      Kilpatrick, F. A. 1992

TC177.U57 Bk.3 Ch.B7 1992     ELAM  %     26205438    Analytical
solutions for one-, two-, and three-dimensional solute transport in
ground-water systems with uniform flow    U.S. G.P.O. ;     Wexler,
Eliezer J.  1992

TC177.U57 Bk.6 Ch.A5 1993     ELAM        27152321    Modular
finite-element model (MODFE) for areal and axisymmetric
ground-water-flow problems design phylosophy and programming details /
U.S. Geological Survey ;      Torak, L. J.      1992

TC177.U57 Book 3 Chapter B6   ELAM  2 copies    16116822    Principle of
superposition and its application in ground-water hydraulics      Dept.
of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey ; Reilly, Thomas E. 1987

TC177.U57a bk. 3, ch. A17     ELAM  2 copies    11971516    Acoustic
velocity meter systems  U.S. G.P.O. ;     Laenen, Antonius. 1985

TC177.U7 Bk. 3 Ch. A10  ELAM        11800282    Discharge ratings at
gaging stations   U.S. Geological Survey, Kennedy, Edward J.      1984

TC177.U7 Bk. 3 Ch. A15  ELAM        11571173    Computation of
water-surface profiles in open channels   Dept. of the Interior, U.S.
Geological Survey ;     Davidian, Jacob.  1984

TC179.U46   ELAM        1983879     Hydraulic tables.
U.S.Govt.Print.Off.,          1944

TC179.U46   ELAM  ed 5 1925   6004175     Hydraulic and excavation
tables.                 1913

TC187.C85 1986    ELAM        15277213    Guidelines for selecting
control and treatment options for contaminated dredged material
requiring restrictions  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District,}

TC187.H33 1992    ELAM        24846031    Handbook of dredging
engineering McGraw-Hill,            1992

TC187.U52 1987    ELAM        24393451    Engineering and design
beneficial uses of dredged material.      Dept. of the Army, Corps of
Engineers, Office of the Chief of Engineers,          1987

TC187.W344 1975   ELAM        18929383    International working group on
the abatement and control of pollution from dredging activities report /
International Working Group on the Abatement and Control of Pollution
from Dredging Activities,     {Walker, R. L.}   1975

TC23.A45    ELAM        1016747     Water policy for the American
people;     U.S. Govt. Print. Off.}       1950

TC409.N67 1985    ELAM        15200013    Lake and reservoir management.
proceedings of the Fifth Annual Conference and International Symposium
on Applied Lake & Watershed Management, November 13-16, 1985, Lake
Geneva, Wisconsin /     North American Lake Management Society,

TC409.N68 1976    ELAM        17998610    Hydrological and hydraulical
conceptual models applicable to overland and river transport modeling
University of Wisconsin, Water Resources Center,      Novotny, Vladimir

TC423.3.S96 1966  ELAM        2007740     Water quality and recreation
in Ohio proceedings of the Second Annual Symposium on Water Resources
Research, June 15-16, 1966.   Water Resources Center, Ohio State
University        1966

TC423.N46 1999    ELAM        40562331    New strategies for America's
watersheds  National Academy Press,       1999

TC424.I3A533 1977 ELAG        2884817     Water resources development in
Illinois    U.S. Army Engineer Division, North Central Division,

TC424.M5S68 ELAG        16529591    Urban stormwater : its quality and
management  The Council,            1978

TC424.M6U54a      ELAM  10/81, 10/82      8061952     Watershed river
basin status report.    Soil Conservation Service, U.S. Dept. of

TC424.N866 1979   ELAM        5787207     Use of fluvial processes to
minimize adverse effects of stream channelization     Water Resources
Research Institute of the University of North Carolina,     Nunnally,
Nelson R.   1979

TC424.W6U87 ELAG        610275      Selected water resources index for
Wisconsin.  Water Resources Center, University of Wisconsin,
Uttormark, Paul D.      1969

TC425.T9I58 1987  ELAM        21172005    Interagency flood hazard
mitigation report for Minnesota in response to the August 6, 1987
disaster declaration (FEMA-797-DR-MN).    {Federal Emergency Management
Agency, Disaster Assistance Programs Division?,       1987

TC425.W5K46 1994  ELAM        39736640    Citizen's guide to
governmental river management and protection programs and agencies in
Wisconsin.  University of Wisconsin Extension,  Kent, Christopher 1994

TC427.S3L47 ELAM        2035031     Seaway : the untold story of North
America's fourth seacoast     Superior Pub. Co.,      LesStrang,
Jacques.    1976