Hi all,

I'm faced with a situation where we might need a METS structMap that
refers to audio files that have in their header an instruction (assumed
to be read and understood by knowledgeable applications) that the file
should not begin at time 0, but rather at some arbitrary offset, say, 5
minutes. I'm wondering what to do with the fptr/area/@begin and @end
attributes for this file. Should those values be relative to 0 or
relative to the 5 minute offset? Put another way, should we be assuming
those reading the METS doc will take the file header information
indicating the time offset into account or not. I can control this
behavior in my local environment, but we're concerned with helping wider
interpretations of this information be done correctly.

On a related note, how would we explicitly record this offset
information in the METS file? I've never used the behaviorSec - my first
thought is that it might be useful, but I'm having trouble seeing a
clear machine-readable implementation path for this. We can probably put
this information in techMD, but I suspect if we can't rely on downstream
applications to read and understand the audio header information
indicating the time offset, we can't expect them to do that with the
technical metadata either.

Thanks for any advice you can give!


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