I am in the process of creating protocols for a digitization project and
have a quick question about the SourceType field in the NISOIMG metadata

I want to use values from the Getty's Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT) to
populate the SourceType field and am wondering exactly what types of values
to use. The definition given by NISOIMG is that the field "specifies the
medium of the analog source material...," and below that they state it deals
with the "General or specific nature of the original item" (according to
LC). So if I am digitizing a collodion dry plate negative then I can use the
value "dry collodion negatives," or if I am digitizing a black and white
image I can use "black-and-white photographs." But what about paper

My question is, if I have a shipper's manifest and a piece of
correspondence, both of which are written on paper (the same medium), but
have disparate natures (as per LC), do I describe them as both being "paper
(fiber product)" if I can't tell what type of paper they are. Or do I
describe them as "manifests" and "letters (correspondence)" .

Thanks to all for any help. I'm new to the NISO standard and want to get it


Elia Van Lith
Chabot Space and Science Center
Oakland, CA
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