We have finalized a transformation from MARCXML to MODS 3.2.  There are a few changes in version 3.2 that affect the conversion of MARC to MODS records. The main changes in the 3.2 stylesheet are:

1. <location><url> 
- Added attribute "note" to allow for notes associated with the link for 856 $z

2. <physicalDescription><digitalOrigin>
- Added enumerated values: digitized microfilm and digitized other analog for 007/11 CF

3. <physicalDescription><form authority="smd">
- Added values from controlled lists of values in 007/01 <> used as specific material designations for following categories of materials: electronic resource, globe, kit, map, microform, motion picture, nonprojected graphic, notated music, projected graphic, remote-sensing image, sound recording, tactile material, text, and videorecording--from the MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data

4. <subject><genre>
- Added subelement genre under subject for 600, 610, 611, 630, 650, 651 $v

5. <note>
- Added note type values for additional MARC note fields 506, 510, 530, 533, 534, 538, 583 

The new MARC to MODS 3.2 stylesheet is here: 

The new MARC to MODS 3.2 mapping is here: 

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