From Ann Ercelawn:

{Regarding the creation of SARs}
>CIP records) sometimes had headings which didn't match the actual piece,
and these headings, instead of >being corrected, tended to perpetuate
themselves in bib record after bib record. The problem would >probably only
get worse if SARs were created, say, based on vendor records.

Thanks a heap, Ann. Just as no one would lump the output of all academic
library cataloging departments or all public library cataloging departments
together, so should one not necessarily lump the output of all vendor
cataloging departments together. We're a vendor, we're NACO particpants, we
create and correct SARs based on what's in the item in hand. One reason bib
records perpetuate unfortunate or just plain wrong series headings is that
many catalogers inputting to WorldCat apparently don't realize that what's
in the book is more important than what's on the CIP or the SAR and accept
4XX/8XX fields when they are obviously based on false or misleading
pre-publication information. Same with 1XX, 600, and 7XX fields. One simple
hint: if what's on the item in hand doesn't match what's on the authority
record and the title of the item in hand is the same as the title cited in
the 670 of the authority record, something is amiss. I know this is a
departure from the usual flow of cataloging, but sometimes one must simply
question authority.

All that being siad, provisional authority records, especially those created
on the basis of pre-pub information, might well be a profitable idea.

Mike Tribby
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