Paul J. Weiss wrote:

> One category that is not given in the list of 5 in that document is 
> conference locations. Somewhere along the way, I got it into my head 
> that we _were_ required to ensure that the location used in a conference 
> heading qualifier was represented in the authority file. (I know that 
> for "other" locations we use the language and form in the resource being 
> cataloged, but still thought that the location had to have an authority 
> record.) Do any of you remember that? Do any of you observe such a 
> requirement now?

In training at LC last June, we were instructed that any placename used 
as a qualifier must be established; and I'm sure that we were assured 
verbally that this is the case also for use in conference names.  But I 
don't find any explicit instruction in the training materials.

As a rationale, I would say that conference names are a subclass of 
corporate names, and their separate tagging a matter of convenience for 
authority control (because authority records are not usually created for 
individual conferences in a sequence); so the rule for qualification of 
a corporate name applies automatically to conference names.

Hal Cain
Joint Theological Library
parkville, Victoria, Australia