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Given the responses I've gotten on-list and off, it is clear that you are incorrect that your interpretation is "understood by all LC/NACO catalogers". If we want to have a shared NACO understanding, it will be good to get the documentation clarified.


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Dear PCClist participants:

CPSO has been working toward eliminating inconsistencies in its documentation and welcomes discussions such as the one on "NACO: conference locations" that help to focus our efforts on those areas that need attention. 

1. As a result of the 1st part of Paul's message, we will be working with Coop staff to add information from the NACO Parameters document to the DCM Z1 introduction with regard to the need for creating NARs for hierarchical parts of a NAR.  We expect this information to appear in Update 2 of Cataloger's Desktop in 2007. 

2. With regard to the 2nd part of Paul's message "where does it say to create an authority record?" for a place name, the answer is that it does not explicitly state this in LCRI 24.7B, but in fact, that is the "intent" as understood by all LC/NACO catalogers and taught as such in NACO workshops.  CPSO will proceed to clarify this LCRI to state that when using a Chapter 23 defined place name as a qualifier it must match the established form found in the LC/NAF (and if one does not exist then it must be created) or words to that effect. We will send this forward also for publication in Update 2, 2007 of Cataloger's Desktop.

3. As a result of an earlier discussion on this list, CPSO has revised the information in the 670 and 008/32 sections of the DCM Z1 to add information on the use of bracketed/paired 670s in the creation/dissolution of undifferentiated NARs and this will appear in Update 1 of Cataloger's Desktop in 2007, scheduled for release in January.

In the meantime CPSO staff send you best wishes for a very joyous and safe holiday season.

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