At 01:32 PM 2006-12-23, Don Chichester <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>While on this subject, I have been trying (vainly) to replace my one drawer
>CD component player.  Mine seems no longer to read CD-Rs.  But can I  find
>one?  Tried Circuit City, Best Buy, and (cough) Radio Shack.   Plent of
>boom-boxes, but no CD players.  Is this a trend???

Yes...I noticed it several years ago before leaving the U.S. in 
mid-2004. It is the same here in Canada from the limited looking that 
I've done.

What's worse, is that Sony discontinued the CDR-W33 CD writer which 
was one of the joys of simple digital conversions.

My kids use cheap DVD players as CD players but they lack the 
displays and really need a TV which is not going to happen in the 
kids' rooms for a while.



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