The list is shrinking... I haven't kept up in some time. Blade Runner is
about the last title I'm holding out for in standard LD format. I don't
expect my Hi-Vision collection to be superseded for quite some time. Those
are a very mixed bag but the good ones are beautiful. The bad ones make VHS
look good.

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Hi Bob:

I'm curious, what are some films that were out on LD but not on DVD? Is it
all just Really Old Stuff
or Really Obscure Stuff or are there more recent or famous gaps in the DVD

-- Tom Fine

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> Darned right you should !!  Or sell it to me...In that order.
> Especially since MANY motion picture titles which were originally
> transferred to laserdisc haven't been transferred to DVD.
> And probably never will be.
> No, you should hold on to it. I wouldn't sell mine either.
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> Should I save my Pioneer LD player?
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