Y'know, the tragedy is that everything they don't release as it's
"offensive" ends up perpetuating the problem. If we don't teach our children
the mistakes of our past and show them what came of it, how will they learn?
My grandmother was in Auschwitz. I certainly don't want Hitler's speeches
and writings suppressed and neither did she.

As an aside; thank you to everyone on this list. After a stroke and lengthy
illness, my grandmother passed away two weeks ago this Sunday. Thanks to
what I've learned here, I'm much better able to preserve what little
material we have of she and my grandfather telling their stories for when
their great grandchildren are old enough to learn and understand.

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Not even with a disclaimer from Whoopi Goldberg? That was more offensive
anything in the WB package that followed.


Erik Dix wrote:
> One laserdisc set I can think off that will not be released on dvd anytime
> is the Compleat Tex Avery 5 laserdisc set. Apparently Warner will not
> them on dvd since some of the cartoons are considered offensive.
> Erik