Hi Ed,

I honestly think the MAM-A Gold discs are the best in the world at this 
time.  By the way, as far as I know, there is only one manufacturer in the 
world of gold archival discs.  That should tell you something about the 
other brands which use the same technology, which I'm not allowed to 
elaborate on.  Of course, I think you should buy them from me.  Honestly, I 
sell them because I think they're the best.  I do not think they're the 
best because I sell them.  I'll be glad to help anyone with a need in any 
way possible.



At 12/6/2006 01:15 PM -0800, you wrote:
>Ronald W. Frazier wrote:
> > [A really excellent summary, thanks Ronald]
>Which brings us to the $64k question:  What's the best source today for 
>archival disks?  I'm still working my way through my stockpile of Kodak 
>Gold Ultima, but it won't last much longer (hey, should I be putting it on 
>eBay instead?)
>I was going to switch to Mitsui Gold Archival; is that still the gold 
>standard, or has it fallen from favor?  And where's a a good place to get it?
>         -ed falk

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