Hello all,

(Please forgive cross postings.)  After reading Mikes reply to my How CD's 
and DVD's can fail article, I've been doing extensive research into CD and 
DVD media which lead me into studying digital data archiving.  I'm going to 
be modifying my article to correct some of the errors Mike pointed 
out.  The field is so broad, my head is spinning.  The one conclusion I 
came to is that, to really preserve digital data, takes lots of technology 
and manpower and planning.  One document I read, either from the British 
Library or the British Archives (can't remember which) cited a digital mass 
storage system that they have.  They ingest enormous quantities of data.  I 
saw a chart which estimated their average cost of maintaining the system 
and administration over 5 years to be close to 9 EUROS PER GIGABYTE!  That 
translates to $12.12 at the current exchange rate.  This is an astounding 
cost.  This means the cost of archiving the data from a standard DVD movie, 
4.7 GB, for 5 years, would be 42.3 Euros or $56.97 at the current exchange 
rate!  It would be cheaper to just buy a couple of movies from the 
publisher every 5 years.  Of course, with most digital data, you don't have 
that luxury.  Anyway, this cost factor really surprised me, considering the 
almost negligible cost of the storage media itself.  I also saw a proposal 
for a data storage system for audio visual materials for an agency 
affiliated with the US National Archives which is planning to ingest, get 
this, 23 TERABYTES PER DAY!  That's 23,000 GB / day.  So, combining these 
two figures, it would seem that this US agency would need to budget $12.12 
* 23,000 = $278,760 / day to cover their 5 year data storage costs.  This 
works out to about $99 Million / year.  That sure sounds like a lot to 
me.  In your experience, does that sound correct?

Anyway, I've uncovered and saved dozens of links, and I'll probably share 
some once I've had more of a chance to assimilate them.  I've included 4 of 
the best I've found below.  This one site has hundreds of links to 
resources on digital archiving.  Enjoy. - D-Lib Magazine



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