Hello all,

(Please excuse cross postings.)  I recently posted an article about digital 
preservation.  I also quoted cost factors for a digital mass storage 
system.  Someone wrote me about it and questioned the numbers.  I have 
looked at so many articles lately, my head is spinning.  They all blur 
together.  The figures did not come from Britain.  They came from 
Sweden.  So, I figured I'd issue a correction.  The first link below shows 
the source where I got those figures.  These three links are some of the 
best I've found thus far, though not by any means all of them.  Many of the 
resources I've found came directly from this list.  Some others came from 
links I found from those links.  Thanks to those of you who posted the 
original information in your archives.

I've posted a reference to this list over in the Records Management and 
Archivists lists that I'm on. - The Digital Black Hole
Jonas Palm
Director, Head of Department of Preservation
Riksarkivet/National Archives
Stockholm, Sweden - A Fresh Look at the Reliability of 
Long-term Digital Storage
Authors: Mary Baker, Mehul Shah, David S. H. Rosenthal, Mema Roussopoulos, 
Petros Maniatis, TJ Giuli, Prashanth Bungale
Subj-class: Digital Libraries; Databases; Operating Systems
Here's the PDF file:  - Risks 
Associated with the Use of Recordable CDs and DVDs as Reliable Storage 
Media in Archival Collections - Strategies and Alternatives
By Kevin Bradley. National Library of Australia, Canberra
UNESCO, Paris 2006



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