I make a choice: 2-3 CDs and/or DVDs plus access copies OR a place in 
the file system and 1-2 CDs for access. More things are staying in 
the file system these days. It's at 1250 GB triple redundant and one 
250G volume is personal and demo media -- and it's about full. 
DigiPix are a separate (not full) 250G volume. Client hold stuff is a 
third, work in process is a 4th, and all the other stuff is a fifth. 
I do not hold most client files more than 3 months after delivery.

I have some projects that will necessitate expansion.

For private and some institutional clients I do CDs. I'm also doing 
downloads for some of my clients for smaller jobs and one DVD set to 
institutional clients when the job size is small enough not to 
warrant a hard drive.

I encourage clients to make backups and keep the gold media I send 
them pristine.



At 06:40 PM 2006-12-12, Tom Fine wrote:
>Hi Richard:
>You don't archive anything to "archival media" for safety anymore? I 
>do. Don't most people? Maybe not?
>-- Tom Fine
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>>At 06:46 AM 2006-12-12, Tom Fine wrote:
>>>I am actually somewhat surprised that there isn't a large enough 
>>>medical and mil-spec market for high-quality data storage that a 
>>>manufacturer would have enough critical mass right there. Tack on 
>>>archvies/institutions and the music "business" (in quotes because 
>>>it is quickly becoming the opposite of a business model if 
>>>business model = profitable and long-term) and it seems there's 
>>>room for a quality niche. Why not?
>>Because...the only real niche for optical media are the archives 
>>too small for a managed digital store. All of the large 
>>institutions are looking towards managed digital stores aka 
>>institutional repositories.
>>It's true. You and I keep things on spinning hard drives even now.
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