On 12/12/06, Tom Fine wrote:
> I am actually somewhat surprised that there isn't a large enough
> medical and mil-spec market for high-quality data storage that a
> manufacturer would have enough critical mass right there. Tack on
> archvies/institutions and the music "business" (in quotes because it
> is quickly becoming the opposite of a business model if business model
> = profitable and long-term) and it seems there's room for a quality
> niche. Why not?

I think it is a marketing problem. Marketing is essentially about the
seller getting into contact with the customers, to find out what can be

The CD makers have a problem locating those who really want archival
CD-Rs. (By "really want" I mean they are prepared to pay a high price if
necessary.) These customers exist but are thinly scattered.

In what magazine would the maker advertise, for instance?

Probably the medical, military and music people need to get together and
make themselves known to a manufacturer. 

Don Cox
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