Hello, ARSCListers and Ampexians,

Thanks for all the replies on and off list.

I did some more Googling and found some software from Newfoundland 
(Hey, no jokes here), GoldWave, that will do batch reversal. It's 
$50C, so I'm happy, and I can try it out. I'm doing a batch of 20 
right now--13.5GB of source files.

A plus to having an inexpensive utility to do this is I can do it on 
another computer and use another copy of the files as source and do 
this as a parallel process. Someday, I'll update to Gigabit Ethernet, 
but 100 BaseT is still reasonably fast. Fortunately, my normal backup 
ran fine last night and copied all the files to two more locations.

THANKS AGAIN for all the good input. It was really odd that neither 
Samplitude or DC6 would do it. GoldWave has been around since 1993 
and has some good reviews, so...we'll see.



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