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> > OK... for those who are waiting with baited breath... what the hell is PT?
> >
>BATED breath...and BAITED mousetraps (saves on cat food!)...
>Possible answers...
>1) Popular Chrysler revival vehicle
>2) "Physical Training" (in the USAF, anyway)
>3) Geographical abbreviation for "Point" (as in "Grosse Pt."...)
>4) IIRC, platinum?
>5) Abbreviation for "part" often seen on 78rpm record labels
>6) Geographical abbreviation for "Port" (as in "Pt. Perry, Ont'o...)


This reminds me of the cartoon of the mermaid gulping down sardines 
as she sits on a rock writing a note, "I wait for you with baited breath."

Did you see the later message "Pro Tools"? The number one choice in 
editing software if you count installed seats, I think.



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