Hello, Joel,

While we're talking about GoldWave, it MIGHT be able to do it, too, 
but it's too long a process to experiment with for me, especially 
since you can DL it for free and try it.

Let us know if it does it for you. I got my money's worth out of it 
for the reversal of 29 files.



At 11:22 AM 2006-12-17, Joel Bresler wrote:
>Dear friends:
>As long as we are talking about batch processes...
>I have about 8,000 MP3 songs at highest bit rate (320 kbps) that I 
>would like to convert to 92 kbps or so, and snip out a 30 to 60 
>second segment suitable for web use. I need a program that can 
>either edit MP3 natively or convert to an editable format, cut out 
>the segment, and convert the segment to 92 kbps. It would be ideal 
>if the program could also fade in and fade out, and let me pick a 
>standard start time (such as 30 seconds into the cut, rather than at 
>the very start which is often an introduction.)

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