Wow, Frank, good to know. That is toxicware, for sure. And it is not Windows-standard so Microsoft 
should have warned you on install. As I understand it, to avoid the "not XP standard" warning, your 
software must have a full-uninstall utility.

In XP, you can "wind back the hands of time" to before the install, but anything you changed from 
the install forward would also be lost.

-- Tom Fine

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> On 12/22/06, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Frank, I'm assuming this was pre-Windows XP? I have found XP to be pretty foolproof at removing
>> stuff through the add/remove programs control panel. Win98 was another, vastly inferior, 
>> situation.
> Hi Tom-Actually it's a current XP Professional, SR 2 not loaded.
> Add/Remove programs does not remove it, and a removal routine at the
> QuickTime site doesn't get it off.  As I mentioned, I also had help
> from an Apple service rep for about 45 minutes, after which he
> recommended that I reload Windows to solve the problem.  My tech
> friend said he could remove it by editing the registry, but it might
> take a while.  Since I was going to get a new computer, I decided not
> to bother.
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> Frank B Strauss, DMD