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> My problem and the tech's was not really knowing everything that had to be
> removed from the registry to completely get rid of Quicktime.  A source of
> irritation is the fact that I would even have to do something like this to
> get rid of the program.
1) Verify that Quicktime has a "quicktime.exe" (or some variant) executable
file. In fact, look in the Program Files folder for a "quicktime" subfolder
and see what is the name of its executable program file.

2) Having found the name of the "regedit." Click on
"Find" and enter the file name. Wherever it shows up, delete that entry.
Do the same for "Quicktime" in case that appears in the Registry as well.

3) Check file associations in Windows Explorer. Look for any audio/video
file extensions (i.e. .wav, .mp3, .aff and so on) and change any that
Quicktime changed in its own favour.

This should convince your machine Quicktime no longer exists!

The problem with "wipe clean" is that it assumes you back up ALL
the files on your computer on a daily (if not hourly) basis! You
can obviously reinstall applications...but that, of course, does
NOT recreate the files for which you used those programs to create!

And, if you're like me...I have about a hundred thousand or more
files on my hard drive. 95% of those are probably junk, just wasting
space. The ONLY way I can identify them is to open each one of the
dommed things! If I do that 24/7, at a minute per file that little
chore will take me four-and-a-half years!

Steven C. Barr