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> You know, guys and gals, one of the reasons I spend so much time reading the
> ARSCList and the 78 list, is to try to retain some sort of connection with
> my callow youth, when life was much simpler, and, in many ways, more
> satisfying.  The concept of "Customer Service" has changed dramatically; the
> emphasis seems often to be on an alternate definition of the word
> "Service."  Anybody who has had a problem and had to deal with Apple, MS,
> HP, Intuit, to name only a few, knows.  My very favorite thing is the phone
> system that offers you a choice of going 'round and 'round with a never
> ending electronic voice, or spending $49.95 to speak with a human who lives
> many time zones away.  Many thanks to Steven Barr for the help removing
> QuickTime from my registry.  Kindest regards to you all.
1) You're welcome!

2) For a substantial number of years, I made my living as a "Senior
Service Technician" (aka "fancily-named cable guy") who functioned
more or less as a "court of last resort" for customers of the cable
TV service. I had the authority to overstep various "rules and
regulations," and instructions to satisfy a customer if such could
be done within bounds of reason and the "county law!" Or...if fixing
the problem was impossible (i.e. the customer was on the far end of
a two-mile stretch of distribution line)...file a report, and explain
to the customer in simple English exactly why the problem couldn't
be fixed immediately!

I would say I had about a 99.5% "satisfaction rate"...although there
were a few cases where all I could do was give the DIS-satisfied party
a number where he/she/it could holler at the CEO his own self!

These days, I usually find myself in the opposite position...and, I
would say, in most cases I'm trying to argue with a hapless person
in a "globalized" call-centre in Bumfuk, Egypt, who makes a rupee
a day and a free stale sandwich at mid-day, and is reading from a
pre-prepared list of "We can't do no such thing" excuses!

This sort of thing may eventually drive me to inquire as to exactly
what falls under the definition of "Justifiable Homicide"...

This, after all, is the XXI Jahrhundert, where the whole point of
existence is to go see Jesus (substitute choice of supreme being)
with the largest stack of "toys"...

Steven C. Barr