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Well, standard (c. 21") TV's are now <$100Cdn NEW...and the discount
outfits sell "refurbished" ones for $49.95. As well, thrift stores
(and yard sales when/if it thaws) have MUCH lower prices! 

If you need a display for a CD or DVD player, there are b&w 5" TV sets 
available for less than $30. They are line(wallwart)-12V-c/cell-battery powered, 
with A-V input, great to have for power failures, travel and camping (until 

The local truck stop restruant/convenience store has them for $19.95 and I 
heard that CVS was selling them as a loss leader at $10.00!

I bought four when Radio Shack had them on sale to monitor the networks 
(allows me to watch the news without watching commercials) and one of the truck 
stop ones to put on top of the refrigerator to listen to the BBC news while 
making supper (the graphics on the bottom of the BBC World feed make it impossible 
to watch).

All made in China of course.

Mike Csontos