A quick survey of these brands yielded no results if one is looking for 
a universal player that will play a DVD full of MP3s; also, I believe 
they are not able to show DVDs full of JPEGs. It looks like the 
DVD-anythings must be formatted as DVD video (or DiVX). I am sure there 
must be a strong reason for this, since it sure would be convenient. An 
expensive workaround may be to buy a Mac Mini and hook it up to the TV. 
Or, the way of the future will probably be card readers.



Tom Fine wrote:
> Geez Marcos, leave it to this list to make me more careful! I just 
> assumed any player that would mount data CDR/W (ie a disc full of MP3) 
> would do the same with a DVDR data disc. Perhaps it has to do with 
> DVD-R and DVD+R? I have no idea -- but it sure is a dumb lack of a 
> feature. To be fair, do a survey of most recent models from Toshiba 
> and Sony and perhaps Philips. Those companies usually strive for 
> universality and "Swiss army knife" solutions.
> -- Tom Fine
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> Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Multi format DVD/CD/SACD, etc Player
>> Don C -- consider a DVD player to replace that one-disc CD player.
> [. . .]
> Plus, if you ever get into making DVD-Audio discs, these will play it
>> back -- or make a DVD data disc full of MP3 and have days of background
> music.
> Tom,
> A few months ago I looked and looked but could not find a DVD player that
> would play DVDs full of MP3s (as I was hoping) --only CD-Rs. I don't know
> why this is. Do you know of one that does?
> Happy Boxing Day everyone
> Marcos