Frank Strauss wrote:
> Should I save my Pioneer LD player?
Not if it is in anticipation that the format will come back.

There are some titles I snatched up on LD that I do not expect to see on 
DVD. Few people can even spell Muybridge (though I hope I did it 
correctly); they're hardly in the market for a costly disc of his 
experiments. (Not much plot there.) The Bach Disc is unique and should 
have had successors, but I suspect that only I and the few dozen others 
who bought it feel that way.

The problem is that if you do keep it for such treasures, you'd better 
have the discs in hand already. You're unlikely to find them otherwise 
except in an estate which will undoubtedly have its own player(s).

My two LD players are essential for me; I know where to get them 
serviced and where I can borrow a third if needed. But a normal person, 
even a normal collector if there is such a beast, has no need for one.

Sort of like a setup to play 78s. <G>

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