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>> A quick survey of these brands yielded no results if one is looking for 
>> a universal player that will play a DVD full of MP3s; also, I believe 
>> they are not able to show DVDs full of JPEGs. It looks like the 
>> DVD-anythings must be formatted as DVD video (or DiVX). I am sure there 
>> must be a strong reason for this, since it sure would be convenient. An 
>> expensive workaround may be to buy a Mac Mini and hook it up to the TV. 
>> Or, the way of the future will probably be card readers.
> Wouldn't the internal DVD drives built into present-day computers be
> able to access data files of any sort stored on data DVD's "burnt"
> by the same or other such drives? If so, a DVD full of .mp3 files
> could be treated as a (large) bunch of data...and opened and played
> by whatever program is associated with the .mp3 file extension, just
> as the same can be done with data CD-R's...?
> After all, your CD-R drive can tell the difference between music CD's
> and data CD's (IIRC, there is some digital data on the former that
> identifies them).
> Steven C. Barr

I think you've wandered off onto a sidetrack - and quite possibly been 

The hardware of the standalone players being considered reads data as 
data, but whether that produces audible or visible output depends on the 
firmware and the software. The same is true on a computer; you won't be 
able to watch a DivX AVI without the DivX decoder.

I assume that by "music CD's" you mean those on which music is recorded, 
not the ones marked for "DigitalAudio" which pay royalties. Yes, the TOC 
tells the drive what format the disc has including whether it is CD-DA 
or not. After all, there are no files on such a 'music' disc.

The matter goes beyond simply recognize the disc type and having 
capability to output from the file. For example, if you want a slide 
show, you need a means of sequencing, setting timing, accepting 
interrupts and so on. For DVD-Video, you need an implementation of a 
menu for titles plus using chapter stops plus FF and REV, slow motion, ...

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