Steven C. Barr(x) wrote:

> Well, I was under the impression that the original poster wanted to
> know how to play a "burnt" DVD-R (or +R, etc.) which contained a
> large number of .mp3 sound files. Since this isn't a commercial
> audio/video DVD, it wouldn't start playing the "movie" (or audio
> in this case) as soon as inserted...the unit would know the disc
> contained data...but presumably not of what sort. However, IF the
> unit was a computer digital drive, and IF there existed an association
> for files with that extension...would it not use that application
> to open and play the .mp3 sound files?
> And do stand-alone DVD players (which often advertise "mp3 compatibility")
> recognize and play those files once they had realized it wasn't a
> regular audio/video DVD disc...?

As I have understood the question throughout this thread (and all its 
knots), it was whether a unit with the identified broad capabilities was 
available. My answer was "yes" (except for SACD, about which I have no 
knowledge) with a specific example.

Standalone players with MP3 capability offer just that, providing 
through their software capabilities akin to those of a portable player 
or far more or somewhat less. Similarly, many will show still images in 
JPEG and sometimes other formats, usually with substantial slide-show 
capability, again supplied in software within the unit. They may also 
show video from AVI with or without DivX codec and in at least one case 
from MPG.

Other capabilities are at the whim of the manufacturer.

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