Hi Tom,

Titles which come to mind immediately are:

( Some of these may have slipped through my radar, but not many)

Golden Dawn 
Whoopee !!
Employees Entrance
Skyscraper Souls
Madam X
Baby Face

If I had my modest holdings available here in front of me, I could
lenghten the list. I couldn't afford the technonogy when it was new, and
the prices commanded on Ebay now mean I can't afford it now
( with some exemptions) otherwise I'd have much more as I would have
bought it when it was easily available .
Many,many many significant( At least to me) early sound Warner
Brothers, Paramount and MGM 1 and  2 reelers. 

Yes , all are very vintage late 1920's mid 1930's subjects . The
transfers were done with first generation 35 mm materials,and not from 4
th and 5th generation 16mm dupes and reduction prints, in most cases.   

I don't consider VHS to be an acceptable medium when the infrastucture
exists to have a superior one.Many if not all of these titles were once
available on VHS. Unfortunately , many people think that all early film
sounds and looks bad. This is usually because the quality of the print
they were watching was many generations removed from the orignal .
 Sure, the sound quality isn't Dolby SR, but it isn't the tubby, muddy
sound that exists on poor qualty 16 mm copies.

Most of this material isn't for the masses of this day and age. The era
of laserdisc technonogy was during a period when people didn't find such
material boaring and inane, and why so much great early film found its'
way to laserdisc.

My 2 Bits...


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Hi Bob:

I'm curious, what are some films that were out on LD but not on DVD? Is
it all just Really Old Stuff 
or Really Obscure Stuff or are there more recent or famous gaps in the
DVD catalog?

-- Tom Fine

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> Darned right you should !!  Or sell it to me...In that order.
> Especially since MANY motion picture titles which were originally
> transferred to laserdisc haven't been transferred to DVD.
> And probably never will be.
> No, you should hold on to it. I wouldn't sell mine either.
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> Should I save my Pioneer LD player?
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